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It’ll come as no real surprise to you I am sure, to find out that this blog site is all about sports.

My aim is to fill it up with sports stories of all kinds and styles. If there is a story related to sports, so long as I would consider it as worthy of being included in this blog site, I will write about it.

Basically, I’m not only thinking about sports topics in general since I will look at how sports affect our society in general. You’ll find actually a lot of good examples where sports pulled contradictory segments of society together and you’ll find also stories where sporting rivalry will become very complicated that it could spill into political or religious confrontations.

I am not really here to judge if this is a great thing or not since I only want to show my passion with regards to sports.

I began writing on the internet what seems like a lot of years ago now. During that time, it was merely a method for me to convey my feelings and love for sport in general to a bigger crowd.

This blog actually began from very humble beginnings. In the beginning, I was working full-time elsewhere and writing my sports web site posts in whatever spare time I could find. I have become very blessed to see that my little blog site has already grown into something more substantial.

For those of you out there looking to start your own internet site, a handful of words of wisdom.

Don’t every give up. Unless you’re very fortunate, it will not be easy to establish a new blog site that can be considered as an authority and something people will stop by regularly. So have a clear goal in mind as which will surely help you keep going when things seem particularly tough.

Don’t expect too much. If your motivation to start a web site is to become rich overnight then you’ll almost definitely end up disappointed. When I started I had no thoughts that this would turn into a full-time income for me and whether it did or did not was not important. I would suggest that this is something best started when your motivation is purely to get the word out of something that you’re enthusiastic about.

As for me, my most desirable prize for the time and effort I put into this blog site is your recommendations and remarks. I am going to encourage you or even plead with you to allow me to know of your reaction with regard to the material that I shared. It won’t really matter if the comment or recommendations is negative or positive as this website is intended to create a healthy conversation.

You need to not be afraid to comment anything if you’re thinking that something is wrong or you agree or disagree to the articles. You could also inform me which sports you need me to write about and I am always open to recommendations that you make so long as it’s linked to sports.

I am going to be open to your guest posts because this is where I began. If you have certain views or ideas that you will like to contribute to the site, you could allow me to have them. I’ll read everything that you will send in and provide my personal constructive criticism and feedback. If the article is actually really good, you need to expect that it will be posted and you would get full credits as the author. Welcome to my web site and I hope that you can have a look at all my articles and share the wonderful sports with me.